There's no such thing as a stupid question

It’s good to ask questions and it’s normal not to know

Have you ever been in a classroom and had a question that you felt too embarrassed to ask because it felt like everybody else in the room already understood everything? You looked around the room, the instructor is talking about of lot of stuff and everyone is nodding, nobody else seems confused. We know this feeling very well.

We’re passionate about family first training and feel strongly that everyone needs some training in first aid and emergency topics. However, we understand that not everyone is confident in a learning environment and that some people find it hard to ask questions in class.This post is about how and why to ask questions during a first aid training session or in any class that you attend.

We have been on numerous emergency care courses and felt overwhelmed by the wealth of information to learn. This can easily happen when you’re taking a family first aid training course. There is a lot of first aid to learn and so you may have lots of questions and feel like you don’t want to “slow down” the course.

Most teachers would be very happy to answer your questions because most of the time, everyone else also has questions that they want to ask. The problem is many people feel too embarrassed to ask and some teachers and instructors are intimidating. Sadly, there are a few instructors who don’t like questions. We strongly recommend that you ask any questions you have. There are a few reasons to do this. The first is that you will probably be helping someone else in the room with the same questions. The second is, you came to learn and getting answers to you questions will help you understand the topics properly.

One way of getting around the embarrassment is to note down your questions and ask at the end of the session. Often, the best time to do this at a fast paced course is during the coffee or lunch break or at the end of the day. Try to approach the instructor you feel most comfortable asking. Keep asking until you feel that you really understand what is being said. A good teacher should welcome this. The best teachers should be able to make complicated things sounds simple. If something sounds complicated then, there is always a way of explaining it more simply.

In summary, our tips for asking questions in class are:

  1. To remember that asking will help you and others to fully understand the course you are attending. 


2. Others will have questions that they are too embarrassed to ask.


3. If you feel too shy to ask in class, wait until a break or the end of the day. 


4. The best teachers can make complex concepts simple to understand. 

Our motto is: there is no such thing as a “stupid question”. So go forth and conquer the first aid training course with your questions! You will be helping yourself, your classmates and the people who will benefit from your top quality first aid knowledge.